Marriage & Relationships

Hello, My Friends I hope you’re having a great day.
Thanks for visiting with me.
As most of you may know I married my childhood sweetheart Alonzo Price, he was my friend first and then we became lovers.
We’re blessed with two amazing children who are now adults and are very successful.
Alonda and Alonzo Jr
We have been married 25plus years he still have my pulse racing and when I’m not with him I’m missing him like crazy I know that sounds cliché but really it’s true.
Most of you know me and know I believe in keeping it real that’s what my site is base on the truth so if you can’t handle my honesty you might not want to tune in.
I believe that I can share some powerful tools on how you can make your marriage and relationship work or take it to the next level.
I don’t profess to be a relationship counselor  are expert by any means ,but staying in a committed and loving relationship for years speaks volumes  wouldn’t you say.
Alonzo was in the Navy for 22 years I was a Navy Ombudsman that’s a person that help look after Navy families while their spouses put their lives on the line for our freedom.
I have seen and help save a lot of damage relationships in this role so it’s nothing you can say to me that may surprise me.
Several of our friends use our marriage as a blue print I’m not saying were perfect what I’m saying is whatever we go through were in it together team Prices.
I feel so Blessed that God would use my Marriage as an example for the world.
I know this is a food blog but I would like to teach you how to feed your relationship as well as your partner’s stomach.
If I don’t have an answer for you I will search the word of God and get it for you I won’t   leave you out there.
Always put God first in your life check with him before making any decisions follow his direction and it will work out for you.
I believe much prayer much power the stronger your Marriage/ Relationship will be watch it blossom.